Cloaking or Masking your Links – Why is a Bad Idea?

Most people think that cloaking or “Masking” your links  is a good idea. The reality that when you do that you could be hurting your conversion rates.  While cloaking allows you to hide the fact that you might be promoting an affiliate link the reality that iframes are not part of the new HTML5 version which make websites mobile responsive. That means that while you might have a Mobile Ready website the moment you cloak the url the site stops being Mobile Ready and can hurt you big time.  Here is a Video where I explain these reasons.



Now days people don’t use computers anymore, unless you work at an office space or from home your computer is gathering dust at your house as you do everything on your mobile phone. So you MUST give your visitors that are watching your offers a mobile ready site that makes it easy for them to consume your content.  While cloaking is still a good idea on certain situations is not anymore for the regular user.

Your focus should always be on having an amazing offer a that converts people no days don’t pay too much attention to what url is on the URL bar. If you want to use a domain to share your offer you can always get a domain and have that domain redirected to the offer url which will make it easy for sharing but still not break your mobile optimization on the offer. We are always looking to help people get the most results and cloaking is not and will never help your conversions unless the iframes become part of the HTML5 or a neew way of cloaking comes along that does not break the responsiveness of a website. Untill that happens we recommend that you stay away form cloaking or masking your offer links.

What do you Think?