How to Create a Marketing Funnel – Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Today we are taking the time to show you how to Create a Marketing Funnel on a step by step fashion. Using a funnel to promote your business, company or services is a MUST have today. Websites are a thing of the past and Marketing Funnels is what works best to promote they offer. While there are many option sin the marketing on how to create a marketing funnel today we are going to show you the right way to do it without having to break the bank.

When it comes to Creating Marketing Funnels you have different options or plug and play systems that can make your live easy. Systems like Clickfunnels, LeadPages and others are simple solutions that can help you accomplish your goal of creating a funnel but those come with a price. Usually using one of those plug and play solutions cost from $37 up to $297 Per Month not even counting Autoresponder fees. I am sure you will agree that paying those high fees every month adds a burden to your overall expenses. On top of that those Marketing Funnels you Create when using those systems are hosted on 3rd party owned servers that you have little to no control over.  Today I want to show you the real way of creating a marketing funnel. No worries is not hard you just need to know how to follow the steps in order and while there are some tools you need to acquire to make it all happen the good part is that the tools here have just a 1 time fee and the only fees that you pay per month are your Hosting Account and Autoresponder fees which you need to pay anyways if you are a real marketer and the total of that should be around just $7 to $10 per hosing plus your Autoresponder fees that you need to pay any ways even if you use one of the other solutions mentioned above. So are you ready to learn how to Create a Marketing Funnel? Watch the video below and let’s get Started!

Tools Used on this Tutorial

  1. Domain : Namecheap
  2. Hosting: Dreamhost
  3. WordPress Theme: OptimizePress
  4. Email Marketing: Aweber
  5. Tracking: Quality Click Control
  6.  Traffic: Rock Solid Traffic

Key Takeaways:

  1. Domain Set up:  16:56
  2. Hosting Set up:  20:09
  3. Name servers Set up:  25:34
  4. WordPress Set up:  31:44
  5. Optimizepress Set up:  33:44
  6. Aweber Set up: 42:47
  7. Building your Funnel: 43:27
  8. Tracking Set up: 1:23:41
  9. Traffic Set up: 1:36:49

So that’s it guys I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, now you should know how to Create a Marketing Funnel. Please don’t forget to like, share and comment on this post as we want to hear from you. What did you like or didn’t like about it? Please let us know.

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